Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 — New games, possible Quest 3 news and more

 Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023

Want to see the latest games coming to the Meta Quest 2? Then the Meta Quest Gaming showcase is a must-watch. This year's showcase is expected to bring over 40 minutes of new games, possible announcements and more. Meta could even use it to drop a hint about the rumored Meta Quest 3 or provide updates to the Meta Quest Pro — though neither of those is a certainty.

Below we will cover how to watch the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023 — including when and where — along with what games to expect and other possible announcements from Meta that could make an appearance.

How to watch the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023

The third annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will go live on June 1 at 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT / 6 p.m. BST /  3 a.m. AEDT.

You can watch the showcase on a variety of outlets, including Meta Quest's Twitch and YouTube channels. You can also watch on Facebook and in Meta Horizon Worlds.

New games to expect at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

At the moment, details are thin on what games could be revealed at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. However, the teaser trailer shows the helmet of Marvel's Loki in a sand-swept locale.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2023

So we should definitely expect something from Marvel, which has already produced some VR games including the highly rated Marvel's Iron Man VR. Aside from that, it's anyone's guess, though previous showcases have included shown first glimpses of some of the best Meta Quest 2 games, so you won't want to miss out on whatever Meta brings.

Possible Meta Quest 3 teaser

Renderings of the Meta Quest 3 based on leaked CAD images
Renderings of the Meta Quest 3 based on leaked CAD images

This is almost entirely speculation, though there is some evidence to suggest that the Meta Quest 3 could get teased at the Meta Quest Gaming. We largely expect Meta's next VR headset to officially launch later this year — possibly at this year's edition of Meta Connect. Plus, Apple is launching its own Apple VR/AR headset a few days later on June 5 at WWDC 2023, so Zuckerberg & Co. could decide to steal Tim Cook's thunder with an announcement.

We could also see new features announced for the Meta Quest Pro, Meta's own high-end mixed reality headset that will directly compete with Apple's new device. So if you're looking to see more about the future of VR this showcase won't be one to miss.

Meta Quest Pass

Finally, one thing we could see teased or fully announced is the rumored Meta Quest Pass — a.k.a. Project Apollo. This is a possible subscription service for Meta Quest rumors that we've seen some hints of in the past, but never anything concrete from Meta itself. An announcement at the Meta Gaming Showcase would truly be a bombshell.

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