From messy bedrooms to advent withdrawal: this week’s fashion trends

<span>Photograph: Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Getty Images

Going up

Peek-a-boo hair See Nicole Kidman channelling Veronica Lake in Tatler. We’ve got wave-envy.

Cleansing powders Water-free face wash is properly potent, plus it’s ideal for taking on hols. Nini Organics’ Detox wash also contains dried veg – one of your five a day?

Spreadsheets Millennials’ method of holiday planning. Google Docs work, too.

Messy bedrooms The anti-Marie Kondo movement continues, with untidy, unfiltered photos all over Insta.

‘Medium online’ What we’ll all be aiming for in 2020 – somewhere between being “not extremely online and not extremely offline” – according to ManRepeller.

Going down

Sharing clothes with dad Brooklyn Beckham does so regularly, says David. What’s good for the Beckhams does not work for the rest of us, sadly.

Celery sticks Too chewy. Endives are the crudité of now. Ideal for using up surplus Christmas dips. Looks better on Insta too.

Grape juice Swap for Seedlip’s premixed “nogroni” during dry January if you want to stay sober (and still feel fancy).

Sunset sweats Gym classes at 6pm and 7pm are the most likely to be cancelled, according to ClassPass. We’re not judging.

Advent withdrawal Does the daily chocolate routine really have to end?