The rise of MAMITS (middle aged men in trainers) sparks controversy - but would you wear it?

Daniel Craig's red carpet choice has sparked controversy [Photo: Getty Images]

Should middle aged men wear trainers?

This is the question on everybody’s lips after Daniel Craig was seen wearing a pair of trainers with a two-piece suit on the red carpet at the weekend.

Journalist Dawn Neesom and DJ Fat Tony appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday morning to discuss whether the growing trend of middle-aged men wearing trainers was suitable.

But two seemed to clash after Neesom said that older men wearing trainers is more ‘hip replacement’ than ‘hip’, and lacks ‘respect’ to attend a glamorous event wearing sportswear.

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Speaking on GMB on Friday morning, she said: “I think it’s a bit of a “manopause”. You’re looking more hip replacement than hip”.

Tony, 53, from London, argued, “This is the age we live in and that’s why you’re seeing it on the red carpet. It’s fashion, it’s where we are today.

“The times are changing and if you’re doing a men’s show and everyone is wearing it, that’s why we’re seeing it on the red carpet.”

The debate was sparked after Daniel Craig hit the red carpet at the Knives Out premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday.

The 51-year-old Bond star opted for a sleek black suit, necktie and white top, which he styled with a pair of £510 Saint Laurent trainers.

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The trainers featured a black and white collage pattern of American flags, skills and other symbols.

The Bond star isn’t the first to don a suit and trainers look on the red carpet.

Daniel Craig wore a black two-piece suit which he styled with a pair of £510 Saint Laurent trainers at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival [Photo: Getty Images]
Sir Paul McCartney has been rocking the trend since 2008 where he was pictured wearing a black suit with a pair of black and white Asics trainers [Photo: Getty Images]
Sir Lenny Henry arrived at the British Academy Television Awards in 2016 sporting the suit and trainer trend [Photo: Getty Images]

Sir Paul McCartney has been a fan of the trend for years, wearing a pair of black and white Asics pair with his grey suit as he attended The National Magazine 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty event back in 2008.

Sir Lenny Henry has also rocked the look, most recently at the British Academy Television Awards, wearing a pair of white soled skate shoes with a tuxedo and bow tie.

But Neesom was quick to criticise the look, saying it showed disrespect to the event.

“Dress for the occasion, show some respect,” she said. “I think it shows respect for where you are and what you’re doing.”

The debate has sparked controversy on social media, with some agreeing with Neesom.

One wrote on Twitter: “It’s not always about what’s comfortable! If you go for a job interview wearing a suit and then chuck on some trainers, it looks like you can’t be arsed and completely inappropriate. Daniel looks ridiculous. In fact, I don’t even fancy him anymore.”

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A second said: “That looks pathetic, he just hit rock bottom with the ladies.”

While others praised the look, agreeing with Tony that people should be able to wear anything they like without judgement.

One said: “How about you simply wear what makes you happy, not what others think you should wear!”

A second user wrote: “Women commenting on what men wear...thought genders shouldn’t comment on each other in this way.”

A third wrote: “Trainers are great for men and women and they look good with trousers, suits, skirts, shorts and dresses.”

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