Melanie C on making TikTok videos with her daughter and working under lockdown

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
Melanie C. (PHOTO: Conor Clinch)

Melanie Chisholm is happy to be dancing in TikTok videos with her 11-year-old daughter Scarlet, but she makes sure her daughter’s account is private.

After all, there is real fear of stalkers reaching out to children and pretending to be someone else. As a parent of a child that uses TikTok, Chisholm is taking extra precautions.

“Well, it’s hard to avoid (TikTok) and Scarlet is a big fan. Her account is private, and I think that’s important when the children are quite young and we do have fun!” she shared with Yahoo Lifestyle SEA from her couch in North London.

“We have fun doing the dances and they’re quite tricky! And it’s nice, it’s something for her to kind of have rather than it all being work, work, work.” she added.

The singer, who’s also known as Mel C, makes sure her daughter gets some screen time so she can get creative and keep in touch with her friends while under lockdown. Might this be a mini Spice Girl in the making?

“When she gets an opportunity to have some screen time, she can catch up with her friends and they get creative, they make fun little videos and aesthetics and things like that so it’s proved to be quite a good way for the kids keeping in touch, actually when they can’t spend time together,” she shared.

In our interview with Mel C last year, the former Spice Girls member spoke of touring Asia, but her plans derailed when the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year.

Under UK’s lockdown, where she’s currently based, Mel C continued to work from home, and found a way to pivot by using social media to update fans regularly, especially on her second single ‘Who I Am’.

She’s been actively participating in a series of live Q&As on her YouTube channel, covering topics like Spice Girls (of course), wellbeing, and lockdown growth and development. Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, even dialled in at one point.

As we wait for borders around the world to open, and people to adjust to the new ‘normal’, Mel C hopes to make new plans to tour Asia once again.

We can only wait with bated breath.