Meiraj Haq – The Rising Star is BACK!

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Pakistani drama industry nowadays has emerged with newness bringing new actors and faces to light with great talent. With this, the advancement of technology over the years has made it easier in this term. Good scripts required good actors and with that good outcomes make the audience applaud the fine actors and actresses. Many stars and many people come and went by some did impress and some just vanished or are playing supportive roles. But actors like Meiraj Haq made their way through his best acting performance and now are BACK!

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The fine artist with his charming spell on his audience is back to impress his viewers once again. Meiraj Haq is back with his new projects after a short break from TV. The one who entered with a new spirit and light by appearing in a very famous drama serial “Sabaat". The audience loved his character as Dr. Murad and was praised for his acting skills.

He took his acting and other side works which were in the run along with great hard work and devotion. His work made him famous and the attractive personality which draws attention towards him makes him stand out. The on-screen fascinating acting has been liked by many but off-screen he is with down to earth personality, kind and compassionate for his work.

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The good-looking actor did take a break from TV and side things as all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. With the on long work makes a person dull. Following the proverb, Meiraj Haq took his time away and relaxed. Now he is back with his new projects on TV. We would be able to see him soon.

The long waited his lovely viewers would be able to see him on-screen with a new character, new story, and a new role. We do see new faces on screens but very few people can make their mark in the hearts of the audience. Many new faces are emerging on-screen with their best to impress the viewers as you the audience is the one who they select and show love for and help them make way to success in acting career.

Meiraj Haq was loved by you the audience and he made his way this long. He is coming back once again to impress you guys we wish him luck for his new projects.

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