Meghan Trainor hopes to fall pregnant at end of Maroon 5 tour

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor hopes to fall pregnant at the end of her upcoming tour with Maroon 5.

The 26-year-old singer told U.S. TV show Extra that she wants kids with husband Daryl Sabara "so bad", but is determined to ensure she falls pregnant at the "very right time".

And given that Meghan will be hitting the road with Adam Levine's band from May until September, she's decided to wait to try to start her family until the tour has ended.

"I got up today early and I worked out, and I eat healthy with my husband... We got a massage the other day on our day off. We're like, 'Let's do something for us before the kids come," she said.

Asked when the aforementioned kids will be arriving, Meghan continued: "I want them so bad. I'm working. I'm going to be that person that's constantly throwing up from morning sickness and feeling everything. So we are just going to wait until it's the very right time... I'm going on tour with Maroon 5. I think I'm just going to do it at the end."

As the interviewer commented "a Maroon 5 baby!", Meghan replied: "Hope so! I want a village."

The Treat Myself singer has been an advocate for body positivity since she burst onto the music scene with All About That Bass, and the blonde added that while she's determined to maintain the curvy figure fans have come to know and love, she also knows the importance of being healthy.

"I'm working on my health every day, but I love my curves. I know how important it is to get on the treadmill and to be healthy because I want to live forever," she smiled.

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