Meghan Markle's Dog Rode With The Queen To Windsor

Erica Gonzales
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Please be seated for the most important announcement about the royal wedding: Meghan Markle's dog, Guy, was just in Windsor with the Queen. The bride-to-be's beagle was seen living his best life yesterday, peeking out the window while hitching a ride with her Majesty. (They're carpool buddies now. No big deal.)

We haven't even seen Meghan alone in a car with the sovereign, but here's Guy, four legged and all, riding in the back seat with the Queen.

Much like his mom, Guy has been on an pretty incredible journey over the past few years. Before Meghan adopted him in 2015, he was going to be put down by a shelter in Kentucky after he was discovered in the woods but no one wanted to take him home, according to The Guardian.

He was then taken in by Dolores Doherty, who runs A Dog's Dream Rescue, an Ontario-based charity that saves beagles on the kill list in the US and brings them to Canada for refuge.

After Guy traveled a 500-mile journey to the border, Doherty brought him to an adoption event just outside Toronto, where Meghan was living while filming Suits. Surely enough, Markle turned out to be one of the hopeful dog owners at the event.

Guy has moved to London with Meghan, a Kensington Palace rep confirmed in November. Markle's other dog, Bogart, couldn't make the trip across the pond due to his old age, The Guardian adds.

Photo credit: Getty Images

A love of dogs is something Markle shares with her grandmother-in-law, who's known to be very fond of corgis. Just last month, Her Majesty's last corgi, Willow, passed away at the age of 14. Perhaps hanging out with her new four-legged friend, Guy, has helped fill that hole.

Markle also instantly connected with the Queen's dogs, saying they laid happily at her feet during tea when she first met them. “For 33 years, [I’ve been] barked at, and this one walks in, and absolutely nothing, just wagging tails,” Harry recalled in their first interview together.

Here's to hoping Guy carpools with the Queen again to the wedding tomorrow.

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