This New Mega Yacht Pool Float Will Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks on the Water

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Photo credit: Funboy
Photo credit: Funboy

If we were billionaires, our summer plans would absolutely include a yacht. Until more zeroes are added to the end of our paychecks, we’ll have to keep that dream in the back of our minds. That is, unless we use the Funboy loophole and opt for an inflatable version.

The summer essentials brand has launched a Mega Yacht Pool Float on its website on May 11. The 12.8-foot-long and 5.3-foot-wide inflatable is white, light blue, and orange to pop this season. It was designed to hold up to three adults, so it’s almost like the real thing — you know, minus the engine, stewardesses, and champagne. Well, we could take care of that last one ourselves.

The boat pool float has a big head pillow for endless hours of lounging in the sun. It has a bungee cord tie-down system to keep your towel, cooler, or speaker in place while you drift in the pool or on the lake. It also has four handles and side ropes so you can easily carry it to the water. Once you lay down, you’ll be able to keep your drink within arm’s reach, thanks to the dual cup holders.

You can order Funboy’s Mega Yacht Pool Float on its website for $199 with free shipping. If this is anything like the brand’s Giant Cabana Dayclub that debuted last year, it will sell out. What can we say? Pool floats are an essential part of summer.

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