Meet Toronto-Born Artist Harm Franklin

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Toronto-born artist Harm Franklin has been flooding the music scene for over the past year. Growing up in Calgary, he spent numerous hours writing down his thoughts while carefully observing his current living conditions. His love for writing eventually became a passion for creating music.

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Harm later moved to Los Angles in 2021 after featuring alongside Curtis Waters on a song titled Stunnin‘. The single spent 16 weeks on the charts and peaked #5 on the Billboard Top 40 Airplay in Canada. After the success of Stunnin’, he decided to drop a new song and video every month for the remainder of the year and labeled the chronicles Season One.

One of his latest tracks, How Much I Got Left, is a melodic late-night vibe type of record. The smooth harmonies on the track compliment the beat well from start to finish. If this is your first introduction to Harm Franklin, you may find yourself looking through previous bangers for more heat. If that’s the case, go ahead and check out the collaborative joint with Cloude titled Pacman.

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With Season Two on the way, make sure to check out Harm Franklin on all major streaming platforms.

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