Meet The Mysterious Rapper Lil Conscious

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The music industry has changed a lot since the turn of the century. Digital media and social media empower artists to create, distribute, and promote their work, and many are finding success. Many of the current artists are doing better than most record labels have done in the past decade. These creators choose how they want their music presented, when they want it delivered, and to whom they wish to present it. One such artist is Lil Conscious, who is young and dynamic and is dedicated to his music. He wants people to listen to something new, which creates good vibes among them.

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How did Rapper Lil Conscious start his journey?

Sierra Blanca, Texas-based rapper Lil Conscious was born under the name Stefan Islas Ross. He is a Hip Hop artist with a passion for cultivating his experimental sounds and lyrics that are rooted in real-life struggles. However, his journey of being a rapper wasn't easy. His music career began at the end of his senior year in high school. He released his first mixtape in 2014, titled Barely Conscious, and his career has been on the rise since.

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After tasting success in his first release, he released two more mixtapes named "Conscience" and "Phase 1". These three projects were enough to explain why he was rated highly during his initial career phase. But while being a trailblazer in the conscious rap scene, Lil Conscious removed himself from social media, and his music was deleted from all platforms. It was due to mental health issues.

What are the new projects of Rapper Lil Conscious?

Due to personal reasons, Lil Conscious had to take some time off from social media and the music industry. But he made a big comeback after two years with his new album. He dropped his all-famous song "Bojak" on SoundCloud in 2018, and within four months, the track received over a million views. The song caught the eye of Canadian rapper Drake who posted a video of himself dancing to Lil Conscious' "Bojak. "Apart from that, he dropped "Ashes", an album titled "Barley Conscious," which is available on Spotify. Now fans are eagerly waiting for his next project, "9:11".

What are the plans and goals of Rapper Lil Conscious?

Lil Conscious is a name that has achieved a cult-like following among millennials. With memorable and catchy hooks, it is hard for anyone to turn away from his music. He is an influential up-and-coming artist who connects with his fans on a personal level. With his upbeat and relatable sound, he engages new listeners and develops loyal fan bases by spreading pure positivity.

He combines contemplative and introspective lyrics with sophisticated musical mashups to create a genuinely beautiful sound that's all his own. He plans to create more music so that he can connect better with his fans and loved ones. The goal is not just to become a successful musician but to create a legacy too.

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