Meet Bambi, Singapore’s Modern-Day Witch

witch singapore
witch singapore

Do you believe in witches?

Many of us have probably read about or watched the widely-popular fantasy film series, Harry Potter, which chronicles the lives of young wizards and circles around witchcraft and wizardry. Though a fictional series, what the show has showcased isn’t necessarily unrealistic or unorthodox; google witchcraft, you’ll find millions of searches corroborating its authenticity, upending the myths of mysticism.

In the ancient and medieval eras, witchcraft was widely recognised by the Parliament of European countries; they considered it a religious crime. And yes, those who practice these spells can potentially get imprisoned or sentenced to death. While many countries have eradicated this legislation, there are still governments pursuing people suspected of sorcery.

No longer as ubiquitous, the practice of witchcraft is still extremely common in countries like South Africa, Mexico, and the Philippines. However, in a conservative country like Singapore, it is considered taboo.

Despite the stigma, it didn’t stop Bambi, Singapore’s modern-day witch, from pursuing a career in this line. Through an exclusive interview, the celebrity witch and medium talks us through her profession, day-to-day job scope and interesting encounters she has faced.

How did you first kickstart your career as a Witch?

I figured that my gift could potentially help those in need. I started with my friends and family first–helping to heal & promote spirituality amongst them. This went on for probably a year before I realised I had an interest and passion for this niche industry. Thereafter, I set up an Etsy and Carousell page to promote my services.

The support that I got from my friends and family, coupled with the passion to change what society thinks of witchcraft, emboldened me to further myself in this line.

What defines a Witch to you?

A Witch is someone who has gifts of the universe. However, I don’t think it takes a lot for someone to be a witch. Most importantly, the person has to possess clairaudience, clairvoyance and a certain level of telepathy. The defining factor would be someone who has honed these gifts and still maintains a sense of integrity and truthfulness. These two values are what make a good witch/medium.

Also, the aspiring witch must be willing to practice their craft and do research incessantly!

Can anybody be a Witch?

Anybody who believes in the prowess can be a witch. You don’t have to be born with the gift. All it takes, in reality, is just practice, practice & practice; the talent can be developed. With enough proper reading, practice and patience, you’ll realise it’s actually not that hard at all.

Can you share with us your most successful story?

I’ll pick one from the book! I have quite a few, so let me just recount one recent encounter. So there was a girl who was experiencing a streak of bad luck when she came to me. Her finances were in a mess; creditors were coming after her. Her boyfriend was cheating on her with multiple partners, and her family was in shambles. She came looking for solutions to her issues, so we recommended a couple of off-shelf items and performed a custom spell to get rid of the bad luck in her life.

A couple of months later, the same girl walked right back into the shop with a group of her friends and said that her finances were right back on track(no bad debt and a healthy credit line). She had also broken up with her ex and started seeing someone new. Her family was also mending ties with her!

That was probably the most impressionable story I can remember of late.

What is the most absurd thing anyone has requested?

So I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before(or my employees have heard this recount many times), but in my early days on Etsy, I received a request for a sexual gratification delay spell. As a sypnosis, someone had sent in a request for me to take control of his sexual releases; he wanted me to have complete control over his sexual urges.

This is just one of the many strange requests I’ve encountered, but it’s definitely not unique.

What kind of products and services do you sell?

The Love Witch Singapore houses spelled items, ranging from candles, oils to jewellery. They’ve all been spellcasted with the help of different deities(yay polytheism), catering to different needs and intentions.

As for services, we provide Tarot, Mediumship and ritual(spell) services. You could always drop by the store to find out further, it’s always a fun experience even if you’re not a believer!

What are the perks that come with the job? Are there any cons?

I would say the bonds and relationships I make with different clients are bonuses. This could also be a con in itself; listening to my clients’ adversity can sometimes be emotionally intensive.

Their emotions are like rivers that run into me whenever I commence rituals to help them as I need to feel what they feel.

However, that’s just one of the “side-effects” of this trade. Besides this, the team and I find the outcome really fulfilling! That would probably be the biggest perk in the job thus far.

Do you work with any entities, god, or goddesses?

My company’s values are founded on polytheism. I work with a plethora of deities, especially Lilith, Duke Bune & Satan.

Can you share with us how you communicate with them?

I meditate and clear my mind. These entities have always been very communicative with me, be it showing me signs or channelling messages telepathically. I also use specific invocation oils to facilitate the communication between me and the respective deities.

What is your expertise?

I would say Love Magick. It has been a gift since I was young. While I wouldn’t say I’ve perfected it, I dare say I’m pretty good at it. However, I would like to start honing my other gifts as a spiritual healer and help people who are troubled mentally as well.

Are your friends and family supportive of your career?

Definitely. I wouldn’t have been here if not for my friends and family. No doubt there have been a few hiccups when I first started; my dad was not very supportive of me giving up my full-time career as a tuition teacher to embark on this trade.

What is your most powerful spell?

I wouldn’t say that I have a spell that is deemed the most powerful, but there is one that is extremely laborious and energy-consuming to perform. Named the “Eternal Curse”, this spell requires preparation of a duration of up to a year and specific materials that cannot be easily found in Singapore. It’s reserved strictly for the worst of the worst.

What’s the price range of your services?

The cost of my services ranges from Free up to 30k.

Does your job overlap with your personal time?

It does. Sometimes I barely have enough me-time as I’m constantly communicating with either my team, the media or spirits. A lot of rituals require a clear state of mind, henceforth some of which I only have time for at night.

I guess this can be attributed to my work ethics, as I feel the need to oversee what happens in the company and ensure things are running smoothly.

Has any of these spirits intervened in your personal time?

I wouldn’t go as far as to call it an “intervention”, more of giving their two cents worth from the knowledge they possess and from deities, their all-seeing eye. I used to have difficulty sleeping at night as the spirits are constantly communicating with me, however, I’ve learned to block out whenever required so that I can function properly!

But overall, no complaints!

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