Meet the Award Winning Blogger and Podcaster Who is Helping Black Men Heal From Divorce

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This passionate man created his podcast, "The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide", to provide a path of emotional well-being to divorced men, which he never received.

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The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how certain people across the world have been making a difference in the lives of others through all that they choose to do. Instead of focusing more on attaining their desires and success, they have been working incessantly to create a positive impact in other's lives through their work. We came across one such highly driven and passionate man, Eric Payne, who makes sure to help black men get back on their feet after the aftermath of divorce.

Speaking about his story, Eric Payne, who is a super-loving father to his kids, reveals that he got divorced in 2015 and was lost somewhere in the aftermath as an emotional mess, with people around him giving terrible advice, making things even worse for him. Four years after his divorce, Eric Payne started his podcast titled "The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide" ( to provide a path to emotional well-being that he never received. He asserts that if men decide to work hard on themselves, never play the blame game, just like he did, they can too turn divorce into a springboard to discover themselves, their sense of joy and happiness and also find love again.

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The Atlanta-based podcaster was born in Chicago and moved to New York City as a young adult. Eric Payne has been a marketing and advertising professional but has been a writer since he was a kid and a storyteller as well. He has published two books of poetry, a parenting book, and the ground-breaking fatherhood and marriage blog

"The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide", which currently is running its 4th season, is a serial podcast that is based on his life and what he experiences as a 40-something Black-American man post-divorce. After he felt he needed to share his balanced and nuanced perspective to tell a one-sided story, Eric Payne started his podcast in November 2019. Creating a creative piece with humour around a depressing subject like divorce, dating after divorce, dating in your forties, dating out of your era is something only Eric Payne could do as a podcaster.

After his first episode, he saw a couple hundred downloads and listens, which upped his confidence to continue with the podcast and throw light on many other important topics. Today, Eric Payne is listened to in 66 countries, keeps getting emails from people worldwide, has hundreds of subscribers and has taken the production value of his episodes to the next level as a one-man operation.

Currently, Eric Payne is building companion projects and events as spinoffs of his podcast, which covers his life after divorce. He also keeps getting emails where he has noticed an increased curiosity on how to navigate divorce itself. Hence, he is working towards it, creating something around that. From 2008-2015, Eric Payne was a blogger who wrote about fatherhood and marriage and even won an award for his blog MakesMeWannaHoller.

In 2020, Eric Payne was nominated for Best Relationship Podcast by the Black Podcasters Awards. Anyone can reach out to him directly or follow him on Instagram @ericlpayne, his official handle. He has been a guest on the MissPackLight podcast and soon will be gracing The Black Cancer podcast as a guest.

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