McDonald's Has a New Limited-Time Sandwich—And Fans Are Already Lovin' It

It's a new flavor spin on a Mickey D's classic.

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McDonald’s has been keeping its menu fresh and flavorful through the start of the year, bringing back items like the Double Big Mac and bagel breakfast sandwich, all while rolling out new favorites like the savory chili sauce.

Once again, the chain is spicing up its menu, but this time with a kicked-up twist on a signature sandwich. And, fans agree—this is the best flavor yet.



McDonald's New Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy

Keeping the chicken sandwich wars alive in 2024, McDonald’s just launched a Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy (not to be confused with the Bacon Ranch McCrispy), and from the name alone, you can tell it’s going to be a mouthful.

According to the website, “the limited-time new Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy is stacked with a Southern-style fried chicken fillet and bold, applewood smoked bacon. Then, it’s topped with crispy and cool crinkle-cut pickles and finished with a creamy Cajun ranch sauce on the top and bottom of a warm, toasted potato roll.”

The “next-level chicken sandwich” is also available in a Deluxe version with shredded lettuce and sliced Roma tomatoes in place of the pickles.

The biggest difference from the original McCrispy sandwich is the addition of the new sauce (and, of course, the bacon). According to fans, the new Cajun Ranch is bold and creamy with a “zesty kick,” and would be delicious as a dipping sauce paired with fries alone. The classic Cajun flavors of paprika, garlic, and onion complement the smokiness of the bacon and make the McCrispy even more crave-worthy. “If nothing else, I appreciate acknowledging more sauce is needed,” wrote one Instagram commenter.

Both sandwiches officially roll out nationwide on April 22, but some customers were able to get a first taste in stores—and the praise has been resounding. Fans are already calling this McCrispy “epic,” “so delicious,” and “the best-looking McDonalds item in a while.” Many customers said they hoped it would be better than the Bacon Ranch McCrispy, which debuted last year to lukewarm reception. Based on early reviews, it sounds like this definitely is.

“Tried it at work today. It tastes amazing!,” one fan raved on Instagram.

It isn't clear how long the limited-time item will be available, so if this new Cajun-style McCrispy sounds like your kind of sandwich, go try it out this week (along with this returning favorite Frappé!).

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