McDonald's Durian McFlurry to make Singapore debut on 5 July

(PHOTO: McDonald’s Singapore/Facebook)

If you’ve dreamt of trying the Durian McFlurry that those north of the Causeway have been raving about, you’re in luck.

The new D24 Durian McFlurry will be available in Singapore at all McDonald’s outlets from this Thursday (5 July), according to a post on the fast food chain’s Facebook page. It will also be available for order through the McDelivery service.

There is currently no information on the local price of the frozen dessert, nor on how long it will be available here.

The durian-flavoured ice-cream is currently available in Malaysia and is priced at RM9 (S$3). It was recently reintroduced by McDonald’s Malaysia after stocks were quickly sold out upon its initial launch in August last year.

Made with real D24 durians, the Durian McFlurry in Malaysia is served with a thick durian sauce, as well as crunchy chocolate and durian bits.

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