McDonald's cheesy response to complaints about their cheese fries

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
McDonald’s Cheesy Loaded Fries (Photos: Xavier Lur / Twitter, Vivienne Oh / Facebook)

McDonald’s Singapore has responded to complaints about their new Cheesy Loaded Fries not being served like how it’s being advertised, cheesy puns included.

The fast food giant posted a short message on their Facebook page on Monday (11 December), pledging to review their food preparation processes and give their customers the “right amount of sauces”.

McDonald’s said, “We know that sweet dreams are made of cheese (and sour cream) and it’s nacho fault. We’ve relooked our processes to ensure that we load up the right amount of sauces so you won’t get cheesed-off. We’re grateful for your understanding!”

Check out the original post here:

The Cheesy Loaded Fries was launched on 7 December as a limited edition menu item, along with the Signature Angus beef burgers. The cheese fries cost $4.20 a la carte, but customers can also get it by choosing to upgrade from regular to large meals for an extra 20 cents.

Unfortunately, customers who tried it were really upset at how it looked nothing like what was advertised, with many criticising the severe lack of cheese, sour cream and bacon bits in their fries.

Facebook user Vivienne Oh posted a photo of her meal with the comment, “So far I haven’t seen anybody who can win me… I didn’t even have bacon bits. Fries not salted at all too.”

While McDonald’s “non-apology” response may have been an attempt to diffuse the hate surrounding this limited edition food item, many disgruntled customers were not happy with this explanation.

Check out some of the responses:

Some also took the opportunity to request for McDonald’s to bring back the recently discontinued Quarter Pounder.

Not long after the launch of McDonald’s new cheese fries last week, KFC Singapore posted a video about their “new improved Cheese Fries” being the real deal, along with the hashtag #KFCRealCheeseFries.

Will you be giving McDonald’s cheese fries another chance?

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