McDonald’s now has hojicha Mcflurry & soft serves for tea lovers

Just recently, we announced that McDonald’s will be bringing back their ever-popular Samurai Burger. It seems that influences from the land of the rising sun are going strong this month. The fast food joint has just launched a Hojicha series for their desserts, which consists of Hojicha Mcflurry, Hojicha Cone, Hojicha Twist Cone, and Hojicha Hot Fudge Sundae— all of them, perfect for tea-lovers!

mcdonald's hojicha - restaurant interior

For those that have not heard of hojicha before, it’s actually another version of Japanese green tea. It’s roasted using a porcelain pot over charcoal, producing a light golden colour. I’m not sure about you, but I’m obsessed with hojicha and its smoky earthy flavours.

Let’s get back to what’s more important by taking a look at McDonald’s latest hojicha dessert series.

mcdonald's hojicha - mcflurry and soft serve

The Hojicha Mcflurry (S$3.30) has delectable textural bits of Oreo mixed into the smoky tea-tasting ice cream. If you’re looking for something light and simple, you can choose the Hojicha Cone (S$1.20). You’ll be able to savour the tannic tastes of the roasted Japanese green tea soft serve in its purest form.

mcdonald's hojicha - twist cone and hot fudge sundae

There’s also the Hojicha Twist Cone (S$1.20) (a mixture of vanilla and hojicha soft serve) for those who prefer a mellower taste of tea.

Of course, how can we forget about the chocolate enthusiasts (like my editor, Pavin)? The Hojicha Hot Fudge Sundae ($2.20) has the smoky tea-flavoured ice cream on the bottom, drizzled with loads of warm and rich chocolate syrup… simply divine!

The hojicha soft serve may contain trace amounts of caffeine, wheat, milk and soybeans so do take note if you’re allergic to any of these.

Missing Japan? Get a temporary fix by heading down to any of the McDonald’s dessert kiosks in Singapore. Don’t be like silly old me, who ran to the nearest McDonald’s (it doesn’t have a dessert kiosk) near my home in vain— I’m excited to try all of them!

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