McDonald’s HERSHEY’S is back with its chocolate cone & you get a free one, just scream!

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It’s been natural instinct as kids to begin screaming when we want something but can’t have it. Well, all that vocal training will now not be in vain. McDonald’s is here with yet another unique strategy at Funan Mall to give you a taste of their new item from HERSHEY’S. Move over dancing-for-ice-cream, here comes screaming for it!

I’m glad for this one too because some of us are a tad too shy and have two left feet, and were sad to miss out on the fun. It’s our time to shine now. Hey, anything for free food right? Especially if it’s in the form of a Chocolate HERSHEY’S Cone

McDonald's Hershey's - ice cream
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

From 29 Aug to 31 Aug 2022, pop by the colourful Funan Mall and search for the soft serve booth at its McDonald’s outlet. Then go for it, scream all you can at the digital board and ask your friends and family to join you. You’ll need to reach a certain decibel level and then voila! Watch as the plain vanilla cone on your screen gets drenched in chocolatey goodness. You will then receive a voucher to redeem the free Chocolate HERSHEY’S cone that you can enjoy to your heart’s content. It does taste better when it’s free.

 McDonald's Hershey's - ice cream
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

If you can’t make it within the limited time period, fret not as you can still have your share of HERSHEY’S goodies. This helps if you don’t love screaming too. The lineup of HERSHEY’S desserts will have chocolate lovers melting in a puddle. From 29 Aug 2022, you will be able to have the HERSHEY’S McFlurry, HERSHEY’S Hot Fudge Sundae and HERSHEY’S Cone. Under the HERSHEY’S McFlurry, you also get options like Mudpie McFlurry and Strawberry McFlurry. The prices are yet to be confirmed.

 McDonald's Hershey's - desserts
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

These will available at all McDonald’s outlets and dessert kiosks until stocks last. The last time this menu came up was in 2021, so don’t miss your chance this year!

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