Max Zhang wins Outstanding Award at Foshan's Kungfu Film festival

24 Dec – Max Zhang has recently been named Outstanding Actor at the 2019 China (Foshan) Great Bay Area Kungfu Film Festival.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who won for his performance in "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy", thanked Yuen Woo-ping in his speech, saying that the action director had been a great mentor to him.

He also expressed hope that the audience will continue to support martial arts films.

"Making a kungfu movie is never easy. Every movement takes a lot of practice. I practiced martial arts since I was a kid and it grows with me. I have always dreamed of becoming a kungfu actor, and now I finally achieved it," he said.

Speaking to the media later on, Max said that he would love to try his hands on other genres of movies as well, especially comedy – adding that he believes that one can add a lot of action elements in a comedy.

As for his children, Max said that his two daughters were not interested in martial arts, and that he would definitely give his support to his newborn son if the latter plans to follow his example in the future.

In related news, "Master Z" also won Most Excellent Kungfu Action Movie at the said event.

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