Maureen Wroblewitz opens up about COVID-19

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

23 Nov – Maureen Wroblewitz recently admitted that she didn't just had a common flu when she was sick earlier, but that she was tested positive for COVID-19.

On 21 November, the "Asia's Next Top Model" winner opened up about her diagnosis on social media, saying that she decided to talk about it despite wishing it to be a private matter as she wanted to raise awareness about the condition.

"It has been a very scary experience and it has most definitely taken a toll on my mental health. I am much better now and I am grateful to be alive. This experience has taught me a few things. That I should never let my guard down at a time like this, to trust my gut instincts and also that the only person you can really trust is yourself. You can't rely on other people to keep you safe. Sometimes not even the people closest to you, friends that you think will always have your back," she wrote.

Wroblewitz also stated that she has learned that people have to protect themselves as there are those out there who wouldn't care if they infect others.

She also reminded everybody to always be careful, writing, "Make sure to always wear a mask [and] face shield wherever you go (if you see people who aren't wearing them properly, kindly advise them to do so. Nose and mouth both need to be covered by the mask and the face shield shouldn't sit on top of the head either. Be extra careful because you never know how long someone's been wearing their mask already), practice social distancing and boost your immune system with lots of Vitamin C, B, and D. If there is no reason to go out, stay home!"

The model stated that she is one of the luckier ones who only had mild symptoms, but there are enough people out there who aren't as fortunate.

"Think about your parents or grandparents who are at a higher risk of getting severe symptoms. Not everyone you see outside has a strong immune system and may even have other medical conditions. Please be responsible when you go out and protect yourself first in order to protect others! Stay safe and healthy everyone," she added.

(Photo Source: Maureen Wroblewitz Instagram)