Matilda Tao addresses baby Chou's photo leak

10 Nov – Matilda Tao recently revealed that Jay Chou was not angry at all that she accidentally exposed the photo of his son Romeo on social media.

As reported on Epoch Times, last month, the Taiwanese TV personality snapped a photo of a gift box from Jay and wife Hannah Quinlivan, which were distributed to their colleagues to celebrate son Romeo's 100th day.

Although her intention of sharing the photo was to thank Jay for the nice thoughts, Matilda didn't realise that a picture of baby Romeo on the box was also included in the snapped photo, which then made its round online and in the media.

Fans who saw the photo scolded Matilda for her mistake, saying that she didn't respect the singer's privacy.

Although she has been keeping mum about the issue, Matilda recently spoke about it on her show, "Women 234". She shared that at the time of incident, Jay was in Canada to accompany Hannah while she is filming her Hollywood movie, "Skyscraper".

Matilda said that she promptly apologised to both of them, but was reassured by Jay, who told her that he didn't mind it at all.

"Jay even said, "It was the photo I picked to show everyone"," she said.

Matilda added that she was relieved and silently dealt with netizens' criticism.

"It's not like I went to their house and took the photos. But I decided not to explain and further complicate matters," she added.