Mat Yeung explains "Support HK" notices at his restaurant

16 Oct – TVB actor Mat Yeung has recently clarified the controversy surrounding his soup place STEW and the notion that they are supporting the Hong Kong independence movement.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue concerning the restaurant sparked recently after netizens posted photos of notices on one of the stores bearing the words "Support Hong Kong" and "We Support You", and several other messages that seemed to be in support of the movement.

The photos had since sparked a huge debate among supporters of the movement and its critics, which prompted Mat to clarify the situation on social media.

Said the actor, the notices were actually posted by an employee of the Wan Chai branch without notifying the management.

"The employee explained that the move was to ensure the personal safety of all employees in the restaurant, as the store previously suffered a lot of damages during a large demonstration on 29 September and 1 October. The door of the shop was filled with graffiti and the CCTV outside was damaged," he wrote.

Mat also revealed that he has received threatening phone calls and malicious comments on the internet, which is why he understood why the employee decided to take such action.

"I hope that the same situation will not happen again, and that the employees will not have to worry about going to work. This restaurant is a place to serve the public, and not a place to express political views. Our philosophy and purpose have not changed. We only want to provide quality and healthy good for the public," he said.

The actor also apologised to the public for causing such a concern and promised to work hard to serve the best quality food for everyone.

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung Instagram)