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Master & Dynamic debuts MW09 earbuds with upgraded sound, ANC and battery life

The company says it also improved fit and call quality for its new model.

Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic hasn't debuted new wireless earbuds since 2021 when the company revealed the MW08 and MW08 Sport within a few months of each other. Now M&D is back with a new model, the MW09, with a refined design, better battery life, redesigned acoustics and upgraded call quality. As is typically the case with the company's audio gear, the MW09 is made with premium materials, including aluminum, Kevlar and sapphire glass. Master & Dynamic is also introducing all of its updates without raising the price as the new model costs the same at the company's most recent true wireless option.

Like the MW08 Sport, the MW09's outer panel is a combination of aluminum and sapphire glass, with a similar overall D shape to the two previous versions. Master & Dynamic says it gave this new model a more ergonomic shape on the other side and reduced the weight with an updated acoustic enclosure and construction. It explains that this should offer a better fit for a wider range of ear shapes while also increasing comfort. Another key design difference is that outer panel now has a circular section where the company's "M" branding is prominently displayed. It's not a touch panel though as the physical controls still reside on the top edge.

Inside, M&D gave the MW09 a new acoustic architecture with its 11mm beryllium drivers. The company promises its "most expansive sound profile ever" as a result of the improvements there. When it comes to active noise cancelation (ANC), Master & Dynamic explains that updated microphone and sensor placement alongside new adaptive noise-blocking algorithms combat more environmental noise. For calls, a new AI-powered "high-definition" speech setup should keep you sounding clear and natural even in loud settings, according to the company. What's more, there's improved battery life of up to 12 hours with ANC on (16 hours with it off). That's two hours longer than the MW08 Sport (four hours more with ANC off).

Master & Dynamic is also making significant updates to its M&D Connect App for its earbuds and headphones. For the MW09, the app will provide a fully adjustable EQ, battery monitoring, an earbud fit test and sidetone, or the ability to hear your voice better during calls. The new model supports Bluetooth 5.4, Snapdragon Sound and Auracast in addition to multipoint connectivity for easier switching between devices.

The MW09 will be available in black, white and gold options with an aluminum case for $349. That's the same price at the MW08 Sport, but it's $150 more than the MW08. If you prefer a Kevlar case, you can choose from green, blue or gunmetal hues and those cost an extra $50. All colors and case options will be available for purchase or preorder at the company's website on November 14.