Massive 1TB RAM coming soon as Samsung debuts largest memory module ever – but it won’t be cheap

 The Samsung 32Gb memory die
The Samsung 32Gb memory die

Samsung will use its latest 32GB DDR5 DRAM memory die to one day create a monstrous 1TB DRAM module for the “AI era”.

Based on 12nm-class process technology, the new module is double the size of the 16GB DRAM module the company began mass-producing in May 2023.

Samsung has been manufacturing 128GB DDR5 RAM for servers by using the through-silicon via (TSV) process with 16GB modules. But, using 32GB modules, it can manufacture this unit without the TSV process, and reduce power consumption for end users by 10% in the process.

Samsung RAM future

Better yet, Samsung plans to use the 32GB DDR5 DRAM modules to build DRAM modules of up to 1TB in capacity. These are sure to be among the best RAM units.

While this may seem like overkill – and it certainly is for day-to-day computing – memory this size is ideal for use in AI and big data workloads, especially as the scale of data and large language models (LLMs) among other systems begin to scale upwards.

While the 32GB memory dies will begin production and distribution from the end of 2023, the firm hasn’t yet put a date against the production of 1TB DDR5 RAM units yet, nor has it indicated how much they will cost.

The largest unit of RAM Samsung has produced to date is 512GB in size, which it unveiled in 2021. This was designed for what was considered at the time next-gen servers, including those powered by the fastest CPUs such as AMD Epyc Genoa and Intel Xeon Scalable ‘Sapphire Rapids’ processors. These RAM units comprised 16Gb memory dies.

While you can’t currently purchase these 512GB RAM units at the time of writing, the firm does sell a 256GB DDR5 DRAM module, which is on sale for $3,679.99 currently. This is equivalent to $14 per GB, which means – should pricing scale linearly – its future 1TB DDR5 DRAM unit could retail for roughly up to $15,000 apiece.

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