The Masked Singer winner Joss Stone confirms she's married musician partner

joss stone, a woman with long brown hair wearing a floral patterned teal dress, posing and smiling at the camera
Masked Singer winner Joss Stone announces marriageHoda Davaine/Dave Benett - Getty Images

The Masked Singer winner Joss Stone has shared that she has married her long-time partner Cody DaLuz.

Speaking to 5 News about the new stage production The Time Traveller's Wife with director Bill Buckhurst, Stone revealed that she got married in October.

"I'll tell you something magical... you know when she throws the flowers at the end?" Stone began, referring to the moment when a character in the musical gets married and throws her wedding bouquet into the audience.

"They came to me, and I almost reached out for them, to catch the flowers," she continued.

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"And [the flowers] fell down [into] an empty seat, just like the only empty seat in the whole place, and no one wanted to pick them up, and I was like: 'Well they were for me!'"

Stone picked the flowers up from the empty seat, and the audience burst into applause.

She then explained that this moment was the perfect bit of foreshadowing for what came next in her life: tying the knot with Cody.

"We got married last Thursday [October 26]. And I thought that that was a good omen," she told Buckhurst, who added: "Wow. That's proper magic."

joss stone, a woman with long brown hair wearing a floral patterned teal dress, posing with cody daluz, a man wearing a burgundy suit and a white shirt, smiling for the camera on a red carpet
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Stone lives in Nashville with DaLuz and their two children — a daughter born in January 2021 and a son born in October 2022.

The Grammy winner won The Masked Singer in 2021 when she was pregnant with her daughter. She was disguised as 'Sausage', with a costume of a classic dinner of sausage and chips.

Stone has written several original songs for the new production of The Time Traveller's Wife, a musical stage adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling novel. The Time Traveller's Wife opened at the Apollo Theatre in London in October 2023 and will run until March 2024.

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