‘The Masked Singer’ Season 11 Premiere Ends in Self-Elimination: And Book Is …

Note: Major spoilers ahead for “The Masked Singer” Season 11 premiere on Fox

The next season of “The Masked Singer” has arrived and, in a surprise twist, the premiere ended with a self-elimination. But that’s only because the man behind the mask was on stage just to mess with host Nick Cannon.

Book was the final performer of Group A on Wednesday night, and his costume was as delightful as you’d hope, complete with a bowler hat, mustache, a worm slithering through the pages and a monocle. His clue package tipped the panelists off almost immediately to the fact that he’s a stand-up comedian, and Book admitted that he was there “with a mission to impress one special friend.”

Book opted to sing Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” — though his vocals may have, uh, left something to be desired — and any remaining doubts the panelists had evaporated immediately, with newcomer Rita Ora saying she was “100%” sure of who was under the mask.”

Robin Thicke was similarly certain, immediately guessing Kevin Hart. As he did, Book suddenly started shimmying out of his costume, stunning the panelists. And indeed, Book was unmasked to reveal … Kevin Hart.

Hart and host Nick Cannon have a long history of pranking each other, so Hart jumped at the opportunity to surprise him on “The Masked Singer,” happily yelling, “I got you!” at the host after he unmasked himself.

Now technically, this doesn’t count as the first elimination of the season. Hart simply came as a one-off to prank Cannon, similar to how Demi Lovato did to kick off last season.

The true competition on “The Masked Singer” begins next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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