‘The Masked Singer’: Lizard Explains the True Story About Almost Working for Disney Animation

Given his music career, it’s easy to forget that Sisqó was actually in a Disney movie at one point. But, as it turns out, he almost worked for them years earlier, as part of their animation team.

The “Thong Song” singer was eliminated on this week’s episode of “The Masked Singer,” revealed to be the man underneath the Lizard mask. Fans and a few of the panelists picked him out immediately for his voice alone, but his clue packages included a surprising fact about him.

“As a little lizard, I loved cartoons so much that I spent all my days drawing them,” Lizard revealed last week. “I got so good, I was offered a dream job at a huge animation studio. Yeah, the mouse was chasing this lizard pretty hard.”

As part of the footage, he stood in front of a wall of clocks, with two of them positioned to look like Mickey Mouse ears above his head. And yes, it’s actually true that he almost became a Disney artist.

“What happened was so myself and Dru Hill, we came straight out of high school into the music industry. I went to school for commercial art,” Sisqó explained to TheWrap. “And so, talent scouts came to my school, and they were looking at all of the artwork that me and all my classmates had done. Everybody was drawing like Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and I was the only one that was drawing like anime.”

He continued, “And I think maybe because of my unique art style for the time — you know, I was about 15 — because of my unique art style, I guess, and they liked my art, they came to my house and asked if I could come live in Florida and draw for them.”

According to the singer, he opted not to go because a friend of his couldn’t, which made Sisqó’s own father “furious.”

“So, I figured … one of these talents gonna have to make it,” he said with a laugh. “‘Cause I think I might have dropped the ball. But, funny story. How ironic is it that you fast forward, you know, 10 years later, and the second movie that I had done was a movie with Disney called ‘Snow Dogs.'”

Indeed, the singer starred alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. in the film, which centers on a Miami dentist who inherits a team of sled dogs. Sisqó played Dr. Rupert Brooks, the cousin of Gooding’s character.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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