Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans are worried it might have too many villains

 Kraven the Hunter in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Kraven the Hunter in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans are a little concerned the sequel has too many villains.

Earlier this week Marvel's Spider-Man 2 got a blockbuster new trailer at the PlayStation Showcase for May 2023, confirming the likes of The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Taskmaster, Wraith, and more would be appearing in the sequel as antagonists for Peter Parker and Miles Morales to take down.

With all those villains wreaking havoc in New York City, some fans are a little worried Insomniac's sequel is bursting at the seams. The Reddit post just below, worried about the amount of villains, has nearly 700 users in agreement at the time of writing, similarly fretting about all the big bads.

However, not everyone's concerned. "I'm not too worried about that. Arkham City proved that you can stuff almost every known villain and side character into a single superhero game and still have it be amazing with a cohesive narrative," writes another Reddit user.

Similarly, other fans theorize that enemies like Taskmaster and Wraith could be confined to their own side stories, well away from the main plot of Spider-Man 2 where Kraven the Hunter and Venom are the main focus. It's a reasonable theory, as the original Spider-Man saved Black Cat for post-launch DLC episodes.

Spider-Man 2 is obviously going to be a pretty damn big game by anyone's standards - it's even expanding outside of Manhattan to Queens. Considering what's likely to be a huge game, perhaps we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves in worrying about where villains will have room to breathe in the new game.

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