Marvel’s Black Panther gets an action-packed new trailer

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A new ‘Black Panther’ trailer just exploded online.

But could this be the most action-packed Marvel flick yet?

‘Black Panther’ stars Chadwick Boseman as the titular Black Panther – the new King of Wakanda and a superhero in his own right. Donning the legendary guise of the Black Panther is no small feat. And with his old nemesis Ulysses Klaue turning up (played by Andy Serkis) it looks as though the Black Panther has one hell of a fight ahead of him.

And the new trailer looks amazing.

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After first appearing in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ it looks as though Black Panther is going to make quite an impression on the Marvel superhero scene. And if this new trailer is anything to go by, things aren’t getting any easier for the African superhero.

The new trailer features plenty of action.

And we finally get to see Andy Serkis let loose as the villainous Klaw.

Not to mention, we get a closer look at Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger… and it looks as though he’s getting his very own Black Panther-style super suit. But will T’Challa be able to take him down?

And there’s a cool, new poster, too:

It’s a vibrant, mish-mash of style and action that looks just about ready to set the box office ablaze… and I can’t help thinking that ‘Black Panther’ is going to make Marvel fans very happy. After all, Black Panther’s ‘Civil War’ cameo went down a treat. And we can’t wait to find out what happens when the fight is brought back to Wakanda.

‘Black Panther’ stars Chadwick Boseman, Andy Serkis, Michael B. Jordan, Sterling K. Brown, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’o, and Martin Freeman.

Ryan Coogler directed the movie, based on a script he co-wrote with Joe Robert Cole.

‘Black Panther’ heads to cinemas on 12 February 2018.

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