Martin Nievera praises Pops Fernandez for being a good mother

Heidi Hsia

14 Jan – Martin Nievera was full of praises for ex-wife Pops Fernandez, whom he believes played a good role as a mother to their two children, Robin and Ram.

As reported on Push, the singer, who spoke about his relationship with Fernandez over the years, stated that the concert queen never spoke badly about him to their kids even after they ended their marriage.

"You never said things like "your father is a jerk", or "all men are alike". You never described me with those words. I know you didn't because I can see it in my children. They never lost their respect for me," he said to Fernandez during the press conference of their new concert series.

Nievera also stated that Fernandez was even able to create a bond with his other family - his partner Katrina and son Santino, the latter who has special needs.

Fernandez admitted that it took her a while to accept Nievera's new family, but stressed that time heals all wounds.

"When I see that my life is going okay and I am blessed with good children, I lost my anger for whatever it was," she stated.

Nievera and Fernandez are set to perform together at their new concert series, "Two-gether Again" from 14 to 21 February" at the Solaire Theater. 

(Photo Source: Martin Nievera Instagram)