Martha Stewart Share Her Top Tips for Travel and Dining Etiquette — and What She Considers a 'No-no'

Martha knows best.

If there’s one person’s etiquette advice to live by, it’s Martha Stewart. Luckily for all of us, she’s dolling out new tips on how to be on your best behavior while she's staying at a hotel and dining out.

"I never leave messes," she told People in a recent interview. "If I'm traveling, I fold my towels and leave them in a neat little pile. I wipe up the sink. I don't leave any garbage anywhere."

She also shared that her hangers are always back in the closet and if she used a robe, it's back on its hook by the time she leaves.

"I just can't bear it when people leave a horrible mess in the room. It's the worst," she added.

The home guru, 82, also spoke about her "no-no's" when it comes to dining out which include "stuffing your face," eating too quickly, and being "unpleasant" to waitstaff.

Using her granddaughter, Jude, as an example, Stewart recalled a recent dining experience where the 12-year-old showed how she's mastered her manners in a restaurant.

"She sits straight, she puts her napkin on her lap, she can eat with chopsticks ... and she's extremely polite," the Sports Illustrated cover model shared. "We had the most pleasant time, but it really does require pleasant behavior in a restaurant."

Stewart, who was chatting with People about her recent ad with Dunkin', also shared her etiquette tips when it comes to properly shaking your iced coffee.

“Shaking your iced coffee? Some say it’s OK. Others frown upon it,” Stewart said in the cheeky ad for the coffee brand. “I say, go with it, as long as you follow the rules.”

Those rules, Stewart added, include having situational awareness.

“If in a lively social gathering, shaking your iced coffee loud and proud is perfectly acceptable,” Stewart said while shaking her iced coffee, surrounded by her personal flock of peacocks. “While more intimate settings may call for more discrete shaking, so as not to ruffle any feathers.”

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