What is the ‘marriage language’ TikTok trend that couples keep posting?

A new meme trend known as “marriage language” has couples sharing all the funny things they say to each other when nobody else is around — and TikTok appears to be very amused by it.

Not to be confused with a “love language,” which refers to the various ways people express love in a relationship, “marriage language” is much more specific to each couple. It includes things like silly words or nicknames, funny catchphrases and other inside jokes that a couple develops over the course of their relationship.

In some cases, it even has people airing their private quirks for the first time ever.

The TikToks usually feature one partner quizzing the other on their marriage language by giving clues about a particular inside joke until the other person utters the word or phrase out loud.

In one viral clip shared by photographer Jenni Chapman (@jennichapmanphotography) of San Jose, Calif., Chapman’s fiancée shows her a series of images to prompt a response.

They include things like reusable grocery bags, which Chapman calls “baguetties,” and dollar bills, which she refers to as “doll hairs.” Meanwhile, the term ASMR is pronounced “A**MER” in their house and when the alarm goes off every morning, they say, “gagadub” instead of “gotta get up.”

In another TikTok, Carly Kuxhausen (@Carly_Kangaroo) quizzes her husband on their marriage language by showing him a photo of a backpack, or “pat pat” as they call it, and a kiss, which they refer to as a “moochi.”

After 23 years together, TikToker @leigh.the.lovely noted that she and her husband could write their own language, too. In another TikTok, she revealed that they both call the weather “Chill-Bo Baggins” when it’s cold out and refer to brushing their teeth as “brushin zoobies.”

The videos are both funny and sweet and wind up saying a lot about each couple in just a few words. Perhaps that’s why so many TikTok couples are hopping on the trend now, as a way to celebrate their love while laughing about the odd little “language” they’ve written together.

To date, videos tagged with the hashtag #MarriageLanguage or #MarriedLanguage have more than 72.3 billion views between them — and counting.

Despite its name, though, the marriage language trend isn’t just for married couples. Plenty of long-term couples who haven’t tied the knot appear to be posting their own TikToks under the hashtag as well, and their videos are going just as viral.

The trend is also uniting strangers across the internet who are just now discovering that some of the phrases they thought were unique to them are actually being used by other couples, too.

“Omg I say doll hairs too!!” @goth.martha.stewart commented on Chapman’s video.

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