Mark Lee still enjoyed Golden Horse despite loss

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

23 Nov – Although he did not win Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards, Singaporean actor Mark Lee still had great fun in Taiwan while participating in the events.

As reported on Liberty Times, the actor, who appeared at the celebration banquet following the awards, stated that he was happy to be able to be a part of the ceremony and getting to know the Taiwan media and meeting a lot of other filmmakers.

He also won several praises from filmmakers, including Ang Lee, who complimented his performance in "Number 1".

Mark jokingly responded, "Several other judges who took photos with me also said they voted for me. Strange that I didn't take to the stage."

Although he frequently joked around during the event, the actor was serious as he thanked the Golden Horse Awards for their invitation.

"Filmmaking knows no border. There is no distinction between you and me, only whether there is sincerity. I believe that all the finalists and entries for the Golden Horse are really great," he added.

Mark, who was nominated for the first time in the said category, lost to Morning Mo of "Dear Tenant".

(Photo Source: Mark Lee Instagram)