Mark Lee’s daughter turns 8; mum Catherine dedicates a touching post to the young warrior

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SINGAPORE – Local actor Mark Lee’s youngest daughter, Calynn Lee, turns eight on 19 Aug, and mum Catherine Ng dedicates a touching IGTV with a heartwarming caption in Mandarin to her.

“She is made with love,” Lee joked with Ng when they conceived Calynn. “Our little princess #calynnleezh is eight,” she wrote in her caption. “Nine years ago, when the brother is just one year old, we didn’t anticipate it, but we had her.”

A mother of three, Ng, added how it was difficult for her to get pregnant, having spent the first eight years of their marriage trying to conceive, and how it had become just a process for both Ng and Lee. “However, after we had the second child, we do not have any more pressure and reignited our passion,” she wrote.

“Dad and Mum are very happy to have you as our child… Although we were under a lot of pressure due to your illness, and as your mother, I have wondered if I had done something wrong to cause you your illness, we never regretted having you. My heart aches when I see you having to go through the various treatments,” Ng wrote.

When Calynn was five, the young child was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a rare kidney disease that is characterised by the inflammation of the part of the kidney that filters blood. In December last year, Ng revealed on her Instagram that Calynn had stopped taking steroids in July and her checkup confirmed that she is in the pink of health. The couple is also parents to 12-year-old daughter Calista Lee and 9-year-old son Marksonn Lee.

“I am happy that you are feeling better and you can grow up healthily every day. As your parents, we are very thankful. Happy birthday, my dear! As long as you are healthy, happy, and can grow up happily, nothing else matters! We love you!”

Ng’s dedication to her youngest child includes a video montage of family photos throughout the years, sharing photos of Calynn’s birthday celebrations and her photos with loved ones. In her post last December, Ng also shared that if everything goes well for her youngest, she will eventually stop taking medication for good.

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