Marion Cotillard leads Greenpeace expedition to Antarctica

Marion Cotillard

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard and Chinese actress Ni Ni have hit the high seas for a Greenpeace expedition to Antarctica.

The stars, and Vikings actor Gustaf Skarsgard, have joined Greenpeace researchers and marine biologists on a four-week trip to the South Pole to observe penguins and whales, while highlighting climate control.

"The Antarctic is a frozen wilderness that should be far beyond the reach of human impact, but even the most remote parts of our planet are changing at an alarming rate," La Vie En Rose star Cotillard said in a statement to the Press Association.

"It's the first time I've ever lived on a ship, and it's amazing to spend time with the Greenpeace crew and the scientists who are out here doing crucial work to understand the threats facing the oceans, like climate change, industrial fishing and plastic pollution. Our planet is a blue planet: the ocean covers more of it than every continent combined. We all have a responsibility to protect it."

The four-week Pole To Pole expedition will stop off at a number of islands in Antarctica.

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