Mario Ho: Bring me a child or donate to charity!

23 Apr – Annoyed by rumours that he has supposedly impregnated model girlfriend Xi Mengyao, Mario Ho - son of casino tycoon Stanley Ho and Angela Leong - decided to use such rumours to his advantage.

As reported on Mingpao, the whole pregnancy issue sparked recently, when sources claimed that Mario had told a stewardess during a flight that Xi has been pregnant for several months.

After the news were exposed, Mario took to social media to express his amusement over the whole thing, saying that he has been rumoured to being "a father" or "having a baby" for many years now.

"Let me give you a chance to make money. I have registered an email here: If you find any evidence that I have children somewhere, please contact us. My mum would definitely love to have a grandson," he wrote.

Mario continued, "If you could find it, take the child to me for a DNA test. I will pay the fee. If it turns out to be true, I will send you HKD 100 million as a thank you gift for getting us a new member of the family. If not, you have to pay the same amount to charity."

Mario added that if he has to be continuously harassed with such rumours throughout his life, it would be much better to use the opportunity to turn it into something good.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)