Marina Lee leaves TVB and starts YouTube channel

20 Mar – Hong Kong actress Marina Lee has recently confirmed that she is leaving TVB in April.

The actress, who spoke to Mingpao following her recent Instagram Story about being unemployed, shared that the decision to depart from TVB was agreed upon between her and the company.

It is noted that Marina's work had been reduced ever since she completed filming "The Dripping Sauce" last July, sparking rumours that she was frozen by the company due to her support of the Hong Kong protests.

When asked about it, she replied, "Artists will go in different directions at different stages. TVB and I understand each other."

The actress also stated that leaving the company was her own choice, and that it did not make a great impact on her life as TVB does not manage her career.

As for future development, Marina said that she has started making videos on YouTube, and looking for advertising work.

(Photo Source: Marine Lee Instagram)