Mariel de Leon won't stop being opinionated

10 Aug – Mariel de Leon is not planning on quitting being opinionated, as she recently revealed in an interview with FHM.

According to Rappler, the former beauty queen, who has been blasted for voicing out on several topics and even picking a fight with Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) assistant secretary Mocha Uson, stated that she just feels strongly about certain topic and has no issue expressing herself.

This, she said, is because her family taught her to always be open with her feelings.

"We were free to form our own opinions and think however we wanted to and have our own personalities, especially because we're such a big family," she said.

de Leon added that it is hard for her to be neutral, since she has always been used to form her own views on things.

As for the criticisms that she got for her many unpopular views, de Leon said that she is happy for the support she got from her family, especially dad Christopher de Leon.

"My mum was worried in the beginning. You know how mums are, they're protective. It really got to her but then I assured her that it's only social media. It's not real life," she said.

(Photo Source: Mariel de Leon Instagram)