Marie Osmond starved herself to lose weight as a teenager

Donny and Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond starved herself as a teenager after being advised her show Donny & Marie would be cancelled if she didn't lose weight.

The singer revealed during an interview with Fox News that she would go on a starvation diet for three days before filming an episode of '70s variety TV show Donny & Marie, in which she appeared alongside her brother Donny Osmond, because she was warned the series would be cancelled if she didn't shed the pounds.

"From the time I started Donny & Marie, age 15, I did starvation. I would literally starve myself for three days before taping, drinking lemon water and cayenne pepper with maple syrup so I can be skinny," she told the outlet. "One day, I was taken out into a parking lot and one of the studio people told me that if I didn't drop 10 pounds, they were going to cancel the show. They said I was an embarrassment to my family and I needed to keep the food out of my fat face... I was 103 pounds - I'd kill to be 103 pounds. So, I got down to 93 pounds. I never realised the mental abuse behind that."

Osmond shared that she tried "every diet on the planet" over the years but "gave up" and put the weight back on when her mother passed away in 2004. However, she decided to get back on track once her sons gave her a wake-up call.

"I remember my son took me aside on behalf of the kids and told me, 'Mom, you're all we have. We can't lose you. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you've got to lose weight,'" the 60-year-old confessed. "That was the killer punch in the gut."

After receiving the awakening, Osmond turned to weight loss company Nutrisystem to drop some pounds before her appearance on the 2007 edition of reality show Dancing with the Stars, and she has managed to keep her weight at a consistent level ever since.

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