Marianne Williamson Ends 2024 Presidential Campaign After Brutal Democratic Primary Losses | Video

Marianne Williamson on Wednesday ended her long-shot 2024 presidential campaign following brutal returns in the ongoing Democratic primary elections.

Williamson bowed to reality after her quixotic effort to unseat Joe Biden as the 2024 Democratic Party nominee failed to to break single digits, pulling in just 4% in New Hampshire, a number that seems positively massive compared to the 2.1% she received in South Carolina and the 2.9% she pulled this week in Nevada.

This is Williams’ second failed effort to become the Democratic Party presidential nominee, following the 2020 cycle where she failed to qualify for the third Democratic Party debate and dropped out in early January, a month before the primaries even began.

In a meandering video statement posted to the social media site formerly known as Twitter, Williamson said in part, “There is so much for us to take from this, and that includes knowing that we laid it down in ways that we should all be proud of. We spoke for those who could not speak for themselves in a society. We spoke for those whose lives are falling apart, at least indirectly, because of bad public policy.”

Nearly three minutes later, Williamson concluded, “for that, I thank all of you who helped it succeed. I take your love with me, I take your support with me, and I know that, as with every ending, it’s always a new beginning. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I bless you. We bless this country, and let’s also bless this world. Thank you so much.”.

CNN also reported that supporters received notice of Williamson’s decision via email. She wrote in part, “I appreciate greatly all the incredible people who accompanied me on our political journey over the last ten months. While the level of our failure is obvious to all, a level of success is real nonetheless.”

Watch Williamson’s announcement in the video above.

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