Marian Rivera thankful for son's birth

22 Apr – Marian Rivera recently wished her fans a Happy Easter with a photo of her newborn son, Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

The actress, who is still recuperating from the childbirth, expressed her gratitude to God for giving her and hubby Dingdong Dantes the blessings of children - first with daughter Zia and now their new boy Sixto

"Before, we wished to be given a child and He gave us one. After three years, we asked for another, and He gave it to us," she wrote.

Rivera stated that while the process of giving birth was painful, she was able to get through it through the support of the whole family and everybody who prayed for them.

"This is possibly the happiest Easter I have experienced in this world, because all of them - Dong, Zia, and Sixto - are my life," she added.

(Photo Source: Marian Rivera Instagram)