Mariah Carey regrets getting bold bangs in the 1990s

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey wishes she had chosen a different hairstyle for her first Christmas concert.

The superstar released her debut holiday album Merry Christmas in October 1994, with the record featuring versions of festive classics as well as her hit original track, All I Want for Christmas Is You. To promote the album, Mariah held a show at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, but while the gig remains a favourite among fans, she has now shared that she wishes she had selected a different hairstyle for the night.

"Somebody tweeted (my performance of Joy to the World) the other day (and wrote), 'Love this. Bet she hates the hair, though,'" she said in an interview with Billboard.

Accordingly, Mariah noted that the Twitter fan was correct, as she wasn't particularly sure why she chose to have tightly curled ringlets, a high ponytail, and dramatic bangs.

"Even then it wasn't good," the star laughed. "It should've just been regular curls without the ponytail and the blown-out bangs. But we all go through these things, and I digress."

Elsewhere in the chat, Mariah opened up about the success of All I Want for Christmas Is You, which hit the top of the U.S. singles chart 25 years after its release earlier this week. The record-breaking track had previously reached a chart high in December 2017, when it rose to number three.

To celebrate, she released a new music video for the song featuring unreleased footage.

But in spite of her status as a Christmas fanatic, Mariah is adamant she never tires of hearing carols and holiday tunes.

"(I like) at least a week of Christmas music and Christmas movies and activities only. When we're relaxing, no one's allowed to listen to anything but Christmas music until 1 January," she insisted.

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