Maria Luisa Leitao finally completes self-imposed quarantine

5 Mar – TV personality Maria Luisa Leitao is elated that she has finally completed her self-imposed quarantine and was able to celebrate her 54th birthday with her friends.

As reported on Mingpao, the television host shared the good news on Facebook with a photo of her with a birthday cake, saying that she has ended her "jail time".

"Ended my self quarantine! My birthday wish this year is for the pandemic to come to an end and for everybody to be healthy!" she wrote.

Speaking to the media about her previous quarantine, Luisa stated that she had been spending her time "watching Korean dramas, cleaning the house, and online shopping", adding that she was addicted to the South Korean series, "Crash Landing on You".

As for her work and business, Luisa - who owns an eyewear brand - stated that her online business has been doing better than ever.

"Since people do not go out on the streets as much, they have been shopping online. Since people also need glasses to go out, business has been good," she said.

Luisa was among the few celebrities who were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship back in January that was also boarded by an 80-year-old man who tested positive for the coronavirus on 1 February. She had since gone on a self-imposed quarantine for safety, despite displaying none of the symptoms.

(Photo Source: Maria Luisa Leitao Instagram)