Maria Grazia Chiuri inspired by motherhood for latest Dior couture line

Model at Dior couture show

Maria Grazia Chiuri was inspired by the relationship between art and motherhood when designing her latest couture line for Dior.

The creative director of the French fashion house unveiled her spring/summer 2020 collection at the Musee Rodin as part of Paris Couture Week last week, with the range featuring dresses influenced by ancient Greek clothing, coats made with delicate embroidery, and finely pleated skirts. Regarding her sources of inspiration, mother-of-two Chiuri has now explained that she looked to the work of artist Judy Chicago, as well as a number of other feminist texts and concepts.

"The starting point for this project was the relationship between art and motherhood. I read a book that I found very interesting - La Mamma by Harald Szeemann - in which he reflected on the role women play and their creativity. It seems like a paradox but there's this idea that women, because they are mothers, can reproduce but not produce," she said in a backstage video for Elle U.K. "Of course, as the first woman to head a house like Dior, but also as a mother, these elements are very important. Studying this type of reference made me see that on the contrary, in ancient times, women were almost seen as goddesses with their own strengths. But this goddess-like quality isn't only related to motherhood, it has different aspects. I've tried to bring these elements to the collection."

In addition, Chiuri was careful to choose a colour palette that reflected her various themes.

"I also chose colours inspired by divinity, using gold and a palette that references (glasswork technique) millefiori. Millefiori is also a very important element, in my opinion very closely linked to the history of Dior," the 55-year-old insisted.

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