Margaret Chung continues helping special-needs families during pandemic

20 Mar – Despite the pandemic causing the suspension of her classes, Margaret Chung revealed that she will continue to help parents with special-needs children through other ways.

As reported on Wenweipo, the model-actress, who is also the founder of Beyond Children's Special Needs Foundation HK and mother to a child born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, shared that most children would be bored staying at home, and it is even more difficult when it comes to families with children with conditions like autism or ADHD.

"Facing the pandemic is even more difficult, so I am planning to film my experiences to share with these special families. I have always wanted to do it on social platforms, but it's hard when I don't understand Chinese and these families need my advice on things. I have to rely on friends to translate it to Chinese so I can respond to everybody," she said.

Speaking about the pandemic, Margaret said that she still brings daughter Isabella out to the street, though would always make sure that they wear face masks.

"When we go to the mall, we will go to places that have fewer people. When we go to restaurants, we will call first and request for the table at the corner. Because of our difficulties, we always have to find ways to live. So I want to share this with the other special-needs families," she said.

(Photo Source: Margaret Chung Instagram)