Marc Jacobs gets joy from nail art

Marc Jacobs is loving his long nails credit:Bang Showbiz
Marc Jacobs is loving his long nails credit:Bang Showbiz

Marc Jacobs' outlandish manicures bring him joy because it's "a statement of self-expression".

The fashion designer debuted his new look at the Met Gala in New York in May when he walked the red carpet wearing a set of long black acrylics adorned with rhinestones and he's since been showing off his latest looks on his Instagram page which have included tortoiseshell-style nails encrusted with sparkles and French manicure-style lengths with extra gems.

Marc has now revealed his interest in nail art started as a child when became envious of his mum's beautifully-manicured fingertips. He told "My mom and her girlfriends always had long French manicures, like Barbra Streisand-ish. I remember being very envious and wondering, ‘Why do women get to do this? It's not fair'."

He added of his recent exploration of long nails: "There's this joy I get from dressing up, accessorising, and expressing myself. This is another component in that kind of joyous puzzle ...

"I just love the French manicure vibe ... While I’m walking down the Main Street in Rye, I think in my mind that I look like all of the women there - which of course, I am not at all like those women."

However, when asked if his love of nail art is going to be seen in his fashion brand's runway shows, Marc insisted his love affair perfect polishes is just for him right now.

He added: "I think people are expecting [me to include it in the brand], but no, not right now. I’m doing this for me - it’s a statement of self-expression. I’m just enjoying long nails, you know? Nothing more than that."