50 Riddles for Adults That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

50 Riddles for Adults That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Sometimes making conversation as adults can halt to a standstill or be difficult to start in the first place. With so many responsibilities on our plates, it's only natural to get caught in the brain-numbing grind from time to time. To wake up your brain and enliven interactions with others, consider peppering your conversations with riddles for adults. Unlike jokes, riddles are meant to be more engaging; more mentally stimulating. So, whether you're at the office, on a date, catching up with friends, or simply trying to stump your partner, riddles have a way of starting conversations and cutting through tension. In that way, they help make room for genuine thought and discussion, and on occasion, lighthearted banter.

Ready to get your riddle on? While many websites offer endless riddles, we went ahead and rounded up 50 thought-provoking brain teasers for your perusal. Check them out, below. (If you're looking for riddles for kids, we've got those too!)

Q: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

A: Nothing.

Q: What belongs to you but is used by everyone you meet?

A: Your name.

Q: What can travel all around the world without leaving its corner?

A: A stamp.

Q: What building has the most stories?

A: A library.

Q: What gets wet while drying?

A: A towel.

Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?

A: Time to fix the fence.

Q: What can you catch, but not throw?

A: A cold.

Q: What word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

A: Incorrectly.

Q: What has a bottom at the top?

A: Your legs.

Q: Spelled forwards I’m what you do every day, spelled backward I’m something you hate. What am I?

A: Live.

Q. The person who makes it has no need of it; the person who buys it has no use for it. The person who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?

A: A coffin.

Q: Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet how you miss me, when I have flown. What am I?

A: Time.

Q: What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in 1,000 years?

A: The letter “M.”

Q: What is at the end of a rainbow?

A: The letter W!

Q: What starts with T, ends with T, and has T in it?

A: A teapot.

Q: What has many teeth but cannot bite?

A: A comb.

Q: What has three feet but cannot walk?

A: A yardstick.

Q: What has hands but cannot clap?

A: A clock.

Q: What gets shorter as it grows older?

A: A candle.

Q: The more there is the less you see. What is it?

A: Darkness.

Q: What has many keys but cannot open a single lock?

A: A piano.

Q: Throw away the outside and cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it?

A: Corn on the cob.

Q: What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?

A: Silence.

21. What do you lose the moment you share it?

A: A secret.

Q: What's lighter than a feather but impossible to hold for much more than a minute?

A: Your breath.

Q: You enter a dark room that contains a match, kerosene lamp, candle, and fireplace. What should you light first?

A: The match.

Q: Two men are in a desert. They both have backpacks on. One of the guys is dead. The guy who is alive has his backpack open and the guy who is dead has his backpack closed. What is in the dead man’s backpack?

A: A parachute.

Q: A cowboy rides into town on Friday. He stays three days, then rides out of town on Friday. How?

A: His horse is named Friday.

Q: What can you hold in your right hand, but never in your left hand?

A: Your left hand.

Q: Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How?

A: They are grandfather, father, and son.

Q: What do you buy to eat but never consume?

A: Cutlery.

Q: Where do you take a sick boat?

A: To the dock-tor.

Q: People make me, save me, change me, raise me. What am I?

A: Money.

Q: A man looks at a painting in a museum and says, "Brothers and sisters I have none, but that man’s father is my father’s son." Who is in the painting?

A: The man’s son.

Q: If you tell a lie, we will hang you and if you tell the truth, we will shoot you". What did the prisoner say to save himself?

A: You will hang me.

Q: I weaken all men for hours each day. I show you strange visions while you are away. I take you by night, by day take you back. None suffer to have me, but do from my lack. What am I?

A: Sleep.

Q: Why is a bullet like a tender glance?

A: Because it pierces hearts.

Q: What has to be broken before you can use it?

A: An egg.

Q: What begins with an "e" and only contains one letter?

A: An envelope.

Q: What's always found on the ground but never gets dirty?

A: A shadow.

Q: What has one head, one foot, and four legs?

A: A bed.

Q: What gets smaller every time it takes a bath?

A: Soap.

Q: What do you see once in June, twice in November, and not at all in May?

A: The letter "e."

Q: What five-letter word has one left when two letters are removed?

A: Stone.

Q: What do you throw out when you want to use it but take in when you don’t want to use it?

A: An anchor.

Q: What tastes better than it smells?

A: The tongue.

Q: What has four wheels and flies?

A: A garbage truck.

Q: What kind of ship has two mates but no captain?

A: A relationship.

Q: I have cities, but no houses. I have forests but no trees. I have water but no fish. What am I?

A: A map.

Q: What 5-letter word typed in all capital letters can be read the same upside down?


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