Mandy Moore Stuns in a Glitter Bralette That Shows Off Her Abs

Mandy Moore Stuns in a Glitter Bralette That Shows Off Her Abs
  • Mandy Moore, 39, just showed off her toned abs in a glittery bralette on Instagram.

  • The This Is Us alum and mom of two stays active by squeezing in workouts that double as family time, like going on walks.

  • She also exercises on her Peloton bike and loves hiking with her husband.

Mandy Moore isn’t the only one with a “Crush.” Fans are obsessed with the actress’ latest show-stopping look. The This Is Us alum, 39, rocked a black pantsuit with an open blazer that showed off her glittery bralette—and toned abs.

“Thank you for a much needed respite and beautiful evening with friends celebrating the splendor of @brunellocucinelli_brand,” Mandy captioned a slideshow of herself looking strong.

While Mandy’s outfit was effortlessly chic, her sculpted abs definitely stole the show.

Wondering how the mom of two stays so fit? Well, given her hectic schedule, Mandy tries to squeeze in workouts that double as family time, she told Shape. "I've given myself a little bit of a pass to not be on my workout game as much," she told the publication. "If I can go on a daily walk with the family, then I'm doing my part." Not only is Mandy's approach to fitness totally accessible, but the health benefits abound. A brisk walk each day is known to increase your cardiovascular health, strengthen bones and muscles, and boost your mood, per Mayo Clinic.

The Tangled voice actress also uses her Peloton bike, per Shape, and loves to hike! And Mandy is serious when it comes to hiking. She even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, back in 2018. “It was the most incredibly empowering experience," she told Women's Health at the time. "After you climb a mountain, you really feel as if you can accomplish anything.”

Mandy has an open mind when it comes to wellness, and practices a host of modalities, including, acupuncture, jade rolling, Ayurveda, and sweating it out in the sauna, per Prevention. And, she loves to take a bath with Epsom salt, with crystals, candles, and wine nearby, per Shape. (Now that’s top-tier self-care!)

When it comes to nutrition, Mandy sticks to a mostly gluten-free diet due to having a gluten intolerance, per Prevention. She is also a big fan of soup. Mandy told the publication she tends to make a chicken or salmon at the beginning of the week, which she tosses into soups or salads when she’s on the go. "We travel a lot. I'm home by myself a lot because of work, so I like to have easily accessible things," she said.

Well, if as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen, perhaps it's time to take a page out of Mandy's recipe book!

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