Mandy Moore: 'Meditation has been a total game-changer'

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore takes time to meditate every day as it helps her to "mentally rest and recalibrate".

The This Is Us actress discovered meditation less than a year ago after a doctor suggested she meditates every day for 15 minutes, and she's since become a convert, with her taking time out every day to get in a quick session.

"I had never had a doctor recommend something like that before, but it is it is a total game-changer," she told "It's the perfect reset. I take some time either in my trailer at lunch or when I get home from work, and it's really helped me physically and mentally rest and recalibrate."

Mandy tested out all the major meditation apps and settled upon guided meditation because she likes "someone reminding me to focus back on my breathing".

When she was younger, the 35-year-old never put her wellbeing first, but she now knows the importance of listening to what her body needs.

"Wellness is more than just what I'm putting on my plate. It's about how much sleep I'm getting. It's about making sure that I'm setting aside time for my friends and family and having as much of a work/life balance as possible. It's making sure that I take time to meditate or exercise or just get outside and take a walk my dog," the star explained. "I've always been fairly good at taking care of myself, but I never took great pains to really listen to what my body needs. I'd like my younger self to adhere to the wisdom I'm using these days."

Mandy also makes sure to take vitamins by herbal and dietary supplement brand Nature's Way, which she has recently partnered with.

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