Man Takes Out Ad Asking Bruce Willis To Use His Amazing Die Hard Sequel Idea

There are many ways to get yourself into the film business.

And while historically, both hard work and blind luck have proved equally successful, there’s always this…

Writer and producer Eric D. Wilkinson has been working in the movie business since about 2007, but this brilliantly inventive way to get himself work is now going viral.

This week he took out a full-page advert in industry bible The Hollywood Reporter pitching his idea for a ‘Die Hard’ sequel.

And at least this way, no one can pinch his idea.

He used the ad as an open letter to Bruce Willis, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and director Len Wiseman, who are said to be working on a story with is part present day, part origin story of Willis’s grizzled terrorist foiler, John McClane.

“I withdrew money I don’t really have from my savings to reach out to you today to tell you that I love the movie 'Die Hard’. Let me say that again… I LOVE DIE HARD,” he writes.

“It is my favourite movie of all time. I’ve been there on opening day for every one of the sequels. Like a crazy addict, I keep coming back because I so desperately want to experience that 'first high’.”

Of the plans for an origin story, he adds: “If you have to do it this way, I’m willing to go along for the ride, but I want the old John McClane back. No surfing on trucks. No jumping on the wings of Harrier jets. No car chases with supersize sports utility vehicles driving ON TOP of traffic.”

After his intro, he pitches his actually pretty ’Die Hard’-ish idea for 'Die Hard: Year One’, which details John McClane becoming implicated in a child murder investigation he investigated years before, becomes its prime suspect.

Following the events in 'A Good Day To Die Hard’, he’s arrested for the murder on his return from Russia.

Thrown into a prison filled with super criminals, a riot breaks out causing a lockdown, seemingly a cover for a pair of middle eastern terrorists to be broken out of the jail to commit an act of awfulness in New York.

Annoyingly, Holly, McClane’s wife is visiting the prison at the time too, adding to McClane’s personal sense of jeopardy.

Signing off, he adds: “Now I know what you guys are thinking… 'do you really think you have a chance, Mr. Cowboy?’ Contact me… I’ll give you my answer. Happy trails.”

Fingers crossed, Eric.

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Image credits: Rex Features/THR