Man documents impressive weight loss journey in treadmill time-lapse video

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer

A man filmed himself running on the treadmill while topless to showcase his weight loss journey after shedding more than three stone in just eight months.

Billy Richards, 25, recorded the impressive feat in time-lapse footage at his home in London after deciding to lose the pounds as part of a New Year’s Resolution.

At the beginning of the year, the Londoner weighed in at 17 stone and was determined to change his lifestyle for the better.

Proving that it is possible to keep a resolution, the incredible time-lapse shows Richards visibly shedding the weight as he takes to the treadmill over the course of eight months.

Billy Richards recorded his weight loss journey in a time-lapse video [Photo: Caters]

Proving his method was working wonders, he had dropped to healthier 13 stone and six pounds by August 1, 2019.

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But it’s not just his physique which has benefitted from the gruelling challenge, as his mental health and mood has also improved significantly since the beginning.

The Londoner looks remarkably different towards the end of the video [Photo: Caters]

“I felt slow and unwell before I lost weight,” Richards said. “Now I have so much more energy and I am a lot happier. I wanted to lose weight to become happier and enjoy my life more.”

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But the journey wasn’t necessarily smooth-running, as he did suffer from a few setbacks at the start with his diet and managing stress.

“I have found it quite hard, I have had a few lapses,” he admitted. “I eat junk food when I am stressed so this happened a few times but I managed to get back on track.”

“Everyone has said I look great now, they have noticed a big loss from my face.”

The incredible transformation comes after one woman credited her nine stone weight loss to walking 30,000 steps a day. The formerly obese woman, Tina Cotton, shed an impressive nine stone after adopting the healthy exercise regime.

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